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Atlas Obscura
A Fate Worse Than Death
Tuesday, May 14
Join us for an evening of stories of the incredible - and sometimes distressing - things that can happen to a body long after it's buried.

A talk by:

Bess Lovejoy

Featuring music by:

Jill Tracy

Cocktail of the night: The Corpse Reviver!
Sometimes, a body just won't stay put. Whether it's for science or sorcery, or simply a moving of property, there are a lot of reasons why the dead sometimes travel epic distances and have great adventures.

Local chanteuse Jill Tracy and author Bess Lovejoy will be joining us to set the stage and spin tales of the ambulatory dead.

Bess Lovejoy, author of the new book Rest in Pieces: The Curious Fates of Famous Corpses has dedicated her morbid curiosity to investigating the details of these bizarre and fascinating stories of the ambulatory dead.

She will share the threats famous bodies have faced through the ages, from furta sacra ("holy theft" of saintly relics) to phrenologist skull stealers, "Resurrection Men" digging up cadavers for medical schools to modern organ harvesters.

Hailed by LA Weekly as the "cult darling of the Underworld," local chanteuse and storyteller Jill Tracy will lure us six feet under with a dark and deadly musical introduction. She's a San Francisco-based singer/pianist/storyteller and "musical evocateur" who has garnered multiple awards and a passionate following for her eerie and beautiful cinematic music, sophisticated lyrics, old-world glamour, and curious passion for strange tales. Tracy is the first musician to receive a grant from the renowned Mütter Museum of medical oddities in Philadelphia, and is dedicating the year to completing a musical work based on the Mütter collection.

A Fate Worse Than Death is part of our new evening Atlas Obscura salon series at DNA Lounge, highlighting strange stories, odd places, and unusual histories near and far.