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Friday, May 3
doors @ 7:30pm;
show @ 8pm.
metal. post-hardcore. grunge.
all ages.
Performing live:

King Loses Crown
Death Valley High
The Swillerz
Helmet's self description of "raging slabs of guitars, drill-sergeant vocals, drums like an expert beating, and guitar solos that scrawl hectic graffiti across the band's monolithic attack" couldn't be more accurate. Founded in New York in 1989 by front man Page Hamilton, this post-hardcore quartet has produced seven studio albums ranging from metal to alternative rock. Hamilton's formal jazz training has had a significant impact on the bands sound. Using dense chords and off beat time signatures he had led Helmet to a Grammy nomination and a co-headlining spot for the Warped tour.

Meticulous and heavy, raw power emanates from the stage while Hamilton delivers an impressive performance mixing both new and old songs to please fans from all stages of the band's evolution. If the performance itself doesn't leave you by the side of the stage screaming for more long after the show has finished, Hamilton is known for his humble and obliging demeanor often coming out after a performance to shake hands and answer questions. No promises here, but hang out, have a beer and you might get lucky.