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Graves at Sea
Sunday, March 31
doors @ 7pm;
show @ 8pm.
doom metal. sludge. death metal.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$12 door.
Performing live:

Graves at Sea
Formed in 2002, Graves at Sea play a very droney, slow, painful sounding type of sludge now featuring Nathan Misterek doing vocals, Nick Phit on guitar, Lola Henderson on bass, and Chuck Watkins on drums. In 2007, the band decided to call it quits. They played their last show January 11th, 2008 at Slim's in San Francisco. But Graves at Sea has risen from their watery grave like one of the Ancients to reign once again in sorrowful, crushing dooooooooom.

Aldebaran from Portland play Funeral Doom Metal/Sludge Metal with H.P. Lovecraftian themes of horror.

Dispirit play dark music influenced by ancient black/death/doom metal, 80's death rock, 60's/70's psyche and krautrock, baroque, horror soundtracks, dark ambient etc. Begun as a purely experimental improvisational outlet in 2000 after the demise of Weakling, existing concurrently with The Gault and Asunder, J.G. began creating music with drummer P.B. born out the ashes of Weakling, but constantly morphing through other realms of dark music.

Larvae are a death metal/doom band out of Oakland. Featuring members of Palace of Worms, Elk, Ordo Obsidian, Eulogy and Kuru.