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Lebanon Hanover
Friday, March 22
10pm - after hours.
ebm. minimal.
$8 advance;
$5 < 11pm;
$8 after.
This month only, Twitch is on both Thu Mar 7 and Fri Mar 22 instead of Fri Mar 1!

Performing live:

Lebanon Hanover

With resident DJs:

Justin (Soft Moon)
Omar (Popscene)
Rachel Aiello
Berlin and Newcastle based cold wave duo Lebanon Hanover serve up an icey cool helping of dark, synthetic doom pop, mixing German and English girl/boy vocals with razorwire guitars and gother-than-thou bass lines.

Bobby and Jessy Lane Announce Vows, the lovechild of the union between Tense and Jewels of The Nile. Nove Mura will be joining on synths!

Twitch is a night characterized by hard and sparse danceable beats, repetitive sequencer lines, rhythmically intense with minimalistic style, sparse arrangements, and abstract screams.