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New Earth Muzio, Euphoric Styles & Euphonic Conceptions present
Thursday, March 14
9pm - after hours.
dubstep. trap. glitch. house.
$20 advance;
$25 day of show.
Main room:

Ill Gates
Sound Remedy


Sam F
Kitty D
Selector Science
Just like Dr. Frankenstein, Josh Gard of Figure is the man behind the monster. This horror film buff loves to flip switches and pull wires. He uses heavy bass and electronic samplings to influence the movement of his audience, playing with the crowd like an evil puppet master. "I love controlling everyone's energy, up and down... making things chill out for just a couple of minutes until I bring something in completely from left field". Known for testing on his willing victims, Gard enjoys introducing experimental new music at a party long before it has a chance to hit records. Like rats in a lab, Gard will feed you brain rattling, slimy, grimy beats and missile drop laser synths and then carefully calculate the results. New test subjects are always needed so come on down and do your part for science.