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Kitty Pryde
Friday, November 9
10pm - after hours.
all ages.
$10 limited advance;
$13 after.
Performing live:

Kitty Pryde
Main Attrakionz

With DJs:

Matrixxman (5kinandbone5)
Marco de la Vega
Kitty Pryde: "At first it just seemed like another funny, 'swagged-out' teenager riding Tumblr-wave adderall-core vibes with syrup beats and manic internal rhyme schemes. She's young, pretty, smart, funny, and eminently bloggable. But any reservations I had about whether or not she was actually any good were quickly put to rest once I started listening t o the rest of the songs." -- Vice magazine

When SFBG asked her about her hopes for the DNA Lounge show, she said: "I hope nobody accidentally sees my butt, and I hope someone brings me a lot of candy."

...and of course there will be lasers, and projections, bubbles, candy, whatevs... and a green screen future/past photo-booth brought to you by all of us here and on the internet.