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Womp SF
Friday, October 5
9pm - after hours.
house. electro. dubstep.
$5 limited advance;
$10 after.
Main room:

Dyloot (Skills)
Liam Shy (Vital)
iRage (Cloud 10/Womp)
Frank Nitty (HouseNation / Cloud 10)
Sublock (Vital)
Taj (BPM)
Mstrex (Womp / Cloud 10)


Baheemith (Home Bass)
Dandy Dutch (Rave Nation)
C-Shay (Womp / Cloud 10)
Vano (Womp / Cloud 10)
Womp began as a weekly Wednesday gathering that quickly evolved into its own dance community and culture. Womp has since progressed beyond Wednesday nights with weekend events such as Womp Island, Womp Weekends and the latest installment of Womp SF at the Legendary DNA Lounge. Come together to experience the vibe, the music and the visual productions of the renowned Womp Family.