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New Wave City
Twentieth Anniversary
Friday, September 7
9pm - 3am.
80s Dance Party.
Celebrating 20 years of New Wave City and the joy that is New Wave!

Main Room:

Your hosts and founders: Skip & Shindog
With resident DJ: Lowlife
Plus special guests: Brian Raffi
Melting Girl (Death Guild)

Win tickets to see Joe Jackson!
This is the big event! New Wave City commemorates 20 continuous years of San Francisco parties, celebrating the alternative music/club scene of the 80s. In 1992, there was no "80s nostalgia" trend, and New Wave City stood on its own for playing music exclusively from the previous decade. New Wave City still stands apart from other 80s parties, as it is dedicated specifically to the New Wave scene, with music and acts that still remain major influences in today's music.

It's not just about nostalgia for those that experienced the music "back in the day," as younger music lovers and club goers also have an appreciation for the groundbreaking music of the New Wave era. Another important facet of New Wave City from the beginning has been the all-inclusive nature of the crowd, always welcoming every type of customer. The result is a unique camaraderie of fans sharing and dancing to the music in a nightclub setting. Glammed up, dressed down, ubergoth, preppie, straight, gay, twentysometing to fiftysomething, all are a part of New Wave City. In 1992, some San Francisco clubs took their cues from New York in encouraging an "exclusive" crowd, holding back the riff-raff behind a velvet rope, and only admitting select customers. New Wave City has shunned that attitude from the very beginning and everyone is treated like a VIP.