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8bitSF presents
Monobomb Route XIX Tour
Sunday, August 26
doors @ 7pm;
show @ 8pm.
chiptunes. electro. experimental.
all ages.
$11 advance;
$16 door.
Performing live:

Trash80 (LA)
Minusbaby (NY)
Crashfaster (SF)
Zen Albatross (NY)
Slime Girls (SJ)
Matthew Joseph Payne (OAK)

With DJs:

Tracer (SF)
Mr. Smith (SJ)
Trash80 captivates and entrances with his blend of soaring dance anthems and flawlessly executed club beats.

Minusbaby smashes his love for type, patterns and limited palettes into a unique visual and musical language that pushes the boundaries of the art of bass (and how it moves asses).

Crashfaster combines the gritty chip sounds of the Gameboy and NES with hard-hitting rock and synthetic and human vocals to form a completely original hybrid synth-pop-rock experience.

Brooklyn's Zen Albatross has explored & exploited the waveform synthesis capabilities of antiquated computer systems. His fearful obsession with technology as an ideological weapon is equaled only by his love of American craft beer.

Slime Girls are a distorted pulsewave assault of gameboys, guitars and energetic drums. Sometimes fast, lush and loud punk rock, other times melancholy surf jams, sometimes ever danceable ska, yet always tied together with an electronic wash of melodic chip music.

One half of the unstoppable chiptune act The Glowing Stars, Matthew Joseph Payne creates a sound all his own with his chamber-chip-doom-folk solo project.