Friday, August 10
10pm - after hours.
$10 advance;
$18 door.
Performing live:

Teengirl Fantasy

With DJs:

Lights Down Low
Visuals by: Thunderhorse
Lasers by: Futureweapons
Arguably the most impressive live electronic act to grace a stage. at their last SF show there was some intense crowd surfing going on... Gatekeeper just released their insanely amazing and impeccably produced concept album "exo". Pineal activation. IMAX phantasy. Drippy acid ecosystems. HD....everything. All contribute to the sentient environment that is Exo, Gatekeeper's debut LP dropping on LA-based label Hippos In Tanks. Demented and celebratory, sinister but pure-hearted, Exo is a cerebral spectacle, a gapless playback rush of digitally-enhanced stimulation.

Teengirl Fantasy: Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss make the kind of dance music you want to die fucking to... and they are two of the most impressive live performers/producers the world will ever know.

Nguzunguzu: Pronounced en-goo-zoo-en-goo-zoo, their name rolls off the tongue as satisfyingly as their 3am sound vibrates through the body.