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Elevatordown presents
Caustic + Everything Goes Cold
Sunday, July 29
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
all ages.
$8 advance;
$11 door.
Performing live:

Everything Goes Cold

With DJs:

Mr. Smith (Elevatordown, Apparition)
Scrawny (KSCU 103.3 / Electronic Hijinx)
Caustic and Everything Goes Cold have dominated the scene for as long as anyone can remember, and with these two powerhouses together at last, the ELoMRWCT will have completely redefined music and touring as we know it by the time you even finish reading this press release.

This is going to be huge. Like Klingon-at-a-Steampunk-Convention huge.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to catch Metropolis Records' most popular bands in an intimate setting, away from the giant stadiums you normally associate them with. See the bands up close, and watch as they hobnob with with celebrities and sip liquid diamond out of the skulls of the sacrificed children of lesser musicians. Hear the classic songs you've grown up with, and remember how it felt to experience your first kiss while dancing to Caustic's "This Track Will Get Skipped a Lot", and the solemnity of your gym teacher's funeral as the Everything Goes Cold classic "I've Sold Your Organs On the Black Market To Finance the Purchase of a Used Minivan" saw him off to his eternal slumber.

This is it.

This is now.

These are the shows that will define who you are, who your children are, and who we as a species will be for the next millennium.