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Friday, June 8
10pm - after hours.
techno. tech house.
$10 for 21+;
$20 for 18+.
Main Room:

Dutch (Techno Syndicate)
Alain Octavo (Spundae)
Zach Moore (Space Cowboys)
P-Dub (Techno Syndicate/guerillaBASS)
with special guest

Lounge: The Ambient Mafia

Nightbiscuit (Pulse Generator / AM)
Olde Nasty (Butterzone / AM)
The Captain (Stargaze / AM)
Journey through a funkadelic techno and tech house night with our favorite techno djs in San Francisco. Nothing beats solid driving techno beats bumping through DNA's EAW bass bins, vibrating every molecule. Yeah, it feels good, it feels good.