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Blow Up
Friday, March 23
10pm - 2am.
electro. house.
$11.50 advance for 21+;
$15.50 advance for 18+;
$20 door.
Main Room:

Resident DJ Jeffrey Paradise
Moon Shadow

Hosted by Ava Berlin. Photobooth by Jonathan Saunders. Roaming photos by Attic Floc, Allie Foraker, Cecilia Cacciatore, Montana Mendy & Storm Vincent. Video by Alex Drachnik.
Ssion (pronounced "shun") is an art-punk act fronted by flamboyant vocalist/artist Cody Critcheloe well known for their extravagant live shows. Musically they draw from a wide range of influences, including the punk spectacle of Iggy Pop and the dance-party new wave of the B-52's as well as performance art and gay culture. Critcheloe's artwork graces the cover of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Fever to Tell (2003) and the video for Liars' "There's Always Room on the Broom" (2004). Besides Critcheloe, Ssion's membership includes, among others, backup vocalists Taylor Painter-Wolfe and Shannon Michaels, who respectively create costumes and stage props for the act's live shows.

"Blow Up: Perhaps the only place you'll see Gaultier clothing being worn non-ironically." -- SFBG