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Death Guild
Industrial Girl Bike Gang
Monday, February 20
Presidents Day
And Every Monday
9:30pm - after hours.
gothic. industrial. synthpop.
$3 < 10pm;
$5 after.
Main Room:

Joe Radio
Melting Girl


Industrial Girl Bike Gang (Valerie Gentile & Amelia Arsenic of Angelspit)
This week the upstairs lounge gets taken over by The Industrial Girl Bike Gang, a new DJ / Remixing / Producing project featuring Valerie Gentile and Amelia Arsenic from Angelspit. Playing the heaviest, nastiest and dirtiest beats, they'll give you the most glamorous and trashiest club experience you'll ever have.

Death Guild is the oldest weekly goth/industrial dance night in the country, and the second oldest in the world! Every Monday, six DJs in two rooms play a mix of gothic, industrial, synthpop, noise, ambient, and weird stuff for those who love the darker side of things.