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Gorilla Music presents
Battle of the Bands
Sunday, February 19
3 Day Weekend: Presidents Day
doors @ 5:30pm.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$12 door.
Performing live:

Chronic Vitality
Multiple Organisms
Viscerally Scarred
Us as a Nation
Followed by a Contorted Records after-party, featuring:
Murder My Hero
Beneath the Embers
Star Destroyer

If your band would like to participate, contact Gorilla Music.
Each battle consists of approximately 8 bands, each playing a 30 minute set.

The winner of each show advances to the finals. The winner of the finals receives $500 in cash, 20 hours of studio time. The band will also receive a headlining gig at DNA Lounge.

Judging is based on audience response/applause at the end of the show. The more people you bring, the better your chances of winning! Don't forget to tell your fans to stick around until the end of the show.