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Blow Up
Stretch Armstrong
Friday, January 27
10pm - 2am.
electro. house.
$11.50 advance for 21+;
$15.50 advance for 18+;
$20 door.
Main Room:

Stretch Armstrong
Resident DJ Jeffrey Paradise

Hosted by Ava Berlin. Photobooth by Jonathan Saunders. Roaming photos by Holy Mountain & Storm Vincent. Video by UH-1.
Stretch Armstrong is a New York-based DJ/Producer with a worldwide reputation dating back to 1990 when his radio show catapulted him into the spotlight. Stretch has produced records for Lil Kim, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, Eminem, 50 Cent and others. In 2001, eager to break free from the hip-hop scene which he had been instrumental in shaping, Stretch started the legendary Monday night at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in NYC, helping to establish the venue as a premier outlet for the world's top djs. Stretch quit radio djing in early 2003 and has been djing and working on his own music. Though he still loves a good hip-hop record, he is not married to one genre, and believes a great dj is one that can cross musical boundaries, old and new.

Garnering universal respect from peers is not common for DJs-come-producers. U-Tern somehow managed it, and a reputation is steadily building for this humble Vancouverite. Spreading his obvious infatuation for all things music through his blog and weekly radio show, U-Tern is one of those individuals whose passion and drive are enviable. All that is secondary though: immaculate, charming disco-funk tracks are the standout here. U-Tern's use of real instruments and his exceptional production chops translate into truly authentic pieces of music striking that balance between nostalgia and the 21st century.