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Hubba Hubba Revue
That Old Time Religion
Friday, July 22
9pm - after hours.
$12 advance;
$10 < 9:30pm;
$15 after.
Bible-thumpin' bump and grind! Comedy and catechism! Temptations of the flesh!

Featuring performances by:

Miss Georgia Ruby (Sydney, Australia)
Pole Acrobat Kara Nova
The Vicar of Liquor
Casey Castille
Wiggy Darlington
Honeysuckle Moses
Miss Honey Penny
Sid Scenic
Lady Monster
Vera DeVille
Lady Satan
Miss Balla Fire
Truvy Trollop
Bunny Pistol
Sparkly Devil
Mynx d'Meanor
Jenny Atomik
Gorilla X
The Hubba Hubba Go-Go Choir
And a special appearance by:
The Rev. Jerkimiah Thunderchrist

Repent to the sweet sonic salvation of:

Chickenhead Johnson
Amen, brothers & sisters, amen! We've got 40,000 watts of healin' power ready to stave off that ol' Satan! So join the congregation and gather ye all at the First Pantycostal & Burlescapalian Church of DNA Lounge, for a Southern-fried jubilee of sin, salvation & temptations of the flesh!