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Bootie SF
Hipster Bootie
Saturday, May 28
And Every Saturday
9pm - after hours.
$15 advance;
$8 < 10pm;
$15 after.
Drink PBR! Wear glasses and an ironic t-shirt. It's Hipster Bootie! A+D spin indie/electro hipster mashups throughout the night!

Main room:

A Plus D
Smash-Up Derby (performing live at 11pm)
Midnight Mashup Show:
John!John! & the Bootie Bumps

Lounge: Wanted

Richie Panic
Danny Key&Kite

Hipster Photo Booth by Jen & Mike of Calibree Photography

Free Bootie mashup CDs to the first 100 people through the door!
We know we're about two years too late with this theme night, but who cares? Crack open a can of PBR, it's Hipster Bootie! Besides, aren't hipsters "retro" yet? Grow a beard, wear glasses and a scarf, and don't forget your ironic t-shirt. Resident DJs Adrian & Mysterious D will be spinning indie and electro (and of course, "ironic" pop) mashups throughout the night, so you can dance disaffectedly and scoff how it's not as good as it used to be! Get your photo taken by Jen & Mike of Calibree Photography in the Hipster Photo Booth.

At 11 PM, Bootie's live mashup rock band Smash-Up Derby gets in on the concept, playing a set of mashups featuring songs by famous indie bands who "sold out." For the Midnight Mashup Show, John!John! & the Bootie Bumps take you to the "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" (Das Racist vs. The Rapture). And finally, in the upstairs room, award-winning DJ Richie Panic and Danny Key&Kite present Wanted, the Castro's premiere electronic dance party, which happens every Monday night at Q Bar with the hottest remixes from all genres.

Launched in 2003 in San Francisco by A Plus D -- aka DJs Adrian & Mysterious D - Bootie was the first club night dedicated solely to the burgeoning artform of the bootleg mashup -- and is now the biggest mashup event in the world, with regular parties in several cities on four continents. Keeping your brain guessing and body dancing with creative song combinations, Bootie mixes and matches every conceivable musical genre, era, and style into one big dance party where everyone feels welcome, providing the soundtrack for the A.D.D. generation ... and free mashup CDs, given away like candy!

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