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Death Guild presents
Death Guild
Eighteenth Anniversary: Imperative Reaction
Tuesday, March 15
doors @ 7pm;
show @ 8pm.
all ages.
$18 advance;
$22 door.
Day three!

Performing live:

Imperative Reaction
Panic Lift

With DJs:

Melting Girl
In 1920, they passed the 18th amendment and tried to take away your choice to drink alcohol, it failed. Since then, they have tried to take other choices away from you, either by laws or social pressures. Like so many before you, you fought to be different, to be unique to be an individual. For 18 years Death Guild has created a safe haven to celebrate those of us who have gone our own way and your attendance, your participation in what we have created, is a monument to the strength and character of the individual.

Get your three day pass for all three consecutive nights of the Death Guild Eighteenth Anniversary!

Over the past few years, Imperative Reaction has honed its explosive live performances through extensive touring. The release of their fourth album, As We Fall was a triumphant, cohesive effort from start to finish. Emotionally driven vocals, punchier bass lines, and driving synths masterfully blended to display the growth of this phenomenal young act. Drawing from influences ranging everywhere from AFI and Nine Inch Nails to modern EBM and noise, this album stands as a cathartic dance floor classic.