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Pop Roxx
My First Earthquake
Saturday, January 29
9pm - after hours.
rock. pop. hiphop. new wave.
$10 advance;
$5 < 10pm;
$10 after.
The Pop Roxx Reunion!

Main Room:

Kidhack (Future Universal)
Aaron Axelsen (Popscene)
Mitch (Emeritus)
Starr (Apocalypso)

Performing live at 11pm:

My First Earthquake

Lounge: The Fringe Video Lounge

Blondie K & subOctave (Fringe)
It has been two and a half years since the last Pop Roxx, and it's time for a reunion!

"My First Earthquake makes rambunctious indie electro-rock with cheeky lyrics and effervescent pop beats. They have a sound that is part Mates of State, part New Young Pony Club, part Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and maybe part grown up Operator Please or younger Blondie. These parts add up to a fun, infectiously danceable whole. Their winking hipster anti-hipsterism just adds to their charm." -- Indie Exclamations