Friday, November 12
9pm - after hours.
rock. funk. electro. breaks. dubstep. klown-fi.
Your hosts:

Vau de Vire Society
With special guests:
Bambi Killers (saucy, sonorously sangriatic lovelies from NYC)
DJ Smoove (BotB 08 "Best DJ")


The Squidling Brothers Sideshow (shiver-yer-timbers sideshow insurgents direct from Philly)
Fou Fou Ha! (cartoon-dancing cantankerous deviants)
Flynn Creek Circus (high-flying daredevils)
Sisters of Honk (klown mistresses of mayhem)
Delachaux (debonair groove debaucherist)
The New Eccentrics (vaudevillian brain and titillation accessors)
Sasha (astonishingly astute astro-aerialist)
Jan Damm (rolla bolla and diabolo phenom)
Lee Harvey Roswell (master documentor of delightful delusions and live painting)
Belinda Blair (quixotic chronicler of klowndom)
Greg Simmons (carney gumptioned graffiti artist)
MC Kingfish (Hubba Hubba Revue)
In this explosive episode of Bohemian Carnival, west and east coasts unite to form a furious compendium of sumptuous delights, bountiful bodily pleasures, and a big room full of big boom. Come see what happens when you feed your friends simian hormones for 6 weeks without adult supervision!