Friday, October 29
Halloween (is every day)
9pm - after hours.
gothic. industrial. 80s.
$13 spoooooky dollars!
The DNA Lounge Halloween Extravaganza!

Main Room:

Decay (Death Guild)
BaconMonkey (Meat)
Joe Radio (Death Guild)
Melting Girl (Death Guild)
Netik (Meat)


Costume contest with over $1000 in cash prizes!
Ghostly aerial performance by Ariyana La Fey
Displayed Labors Sideshow

Lounge: Dr. Kingfish's Haunted Cabaret Parlour!

Sister Kate
Twinkletoes McGee
Honey Lawless
Miss Balla Fire
Room for Cream
Dr. Kingfish & The Go-Go Ghouls
If there was ever a holiday created just for DNA Lounge that holiday is Halloween. We kick off this year's 3-day Halloween weekend by teaming up again with Meat, Death Guild and Hubba Hubba Revue to start things off with a gigantic haunted bang.

The completely redecorated main room features music from the undisputed kings (and queen) of dark and spooky: the DJs of Meat vs. Death Guild. Every Day is Halloween for these musical tour guides to the netherworld, and nobody knows this holiday better.

Tremble mortals, for the Costume Contest returns with $1000 in cash prizes, so be sure to add that extra bit of polish to your costume if you want a shot at some cold hard (and spoooooky) cash. The costume contest starts at Midnight.

In the Lounge, the forbidden science experiments of Dr. Kingfish have torn a rift in space and time, creating a portal to The Haunted Cabaret Parlor. Witness the souls of the damned performing on the new stage for all eternity in a hellish abyss of velvet curtains, candelabras, chandeliers. For your entertainment, witness the spirits of many Hubba Hubba Revue performers, paying penance for many lifetimes of cheeky naughty burlesque fun.