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Björk Tribute
Friday, August 27
10pm - after hours.
Featuring performances by:

Cousin Wonderlette
Trixxie Carr
Miss Rahni
Elijah Minnelli
Faux Pas
Raya Light
Ambrosia Salad
Exhibit Q

Plus DJ:

Omar (Sixxteen / Popscene)

Visuals by:

Show begins at midnight!

Trannyshack continues its series of superstar tributes, this time honoring someone whose individuality, eccentricity, and vision has been immeasurably inspirational... Björk! Perhaps no other female performer's music has been so rich with performance potential. Björk's best songs (Hunter, Hyperballad, Joga, Bachelorette, etc.) are sweeping masterpieces of surrealist imagery.

While some are tempted to marginalize her, no one can deny her talent. Possessed with that voice, that sense of style, and an intelligence beyond that of mere mortals, Björk is a Trannyshack icon of the highest order.

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