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Siouxsie Tribute
Friday, July 23
10pm - after hours.
A Trannyshack Siouxsie Tribute Night!

Featuring performances by:

Trixxie Carr
Anna Conda
Suppositori Spelling
Jordan L'Moore
Elijah Minnelli
Jason El Diablo
Syphillis Diller

Plus DJ:

Omar (Sixxteen / Popscene)

Visuals by:

Show begins at midnight!

Trannyshack continues its series of superstar tribute nights with a salute to one of the strongest, most compelling female rock performers of all time... Siouxsie Sioux!

After making a name for herself as a central figure in the U.K. Punk Movement of the late 1970s, Siouxsie (with the Banshees) made her musical mark with post-punk masterpieces such as Christine, Happy House, Israel, Arabian Nights, and Cities in Dust. Inspiring countless young girls and boys to express their darker side, Siouxsie herself became a style icon with her signature gothic make-up and spiky black hair. As a result of her uncompromising attitude, other-wordly lyrics, and unique persona, Siouxsie is truly one in a million, and a true Trannyshack icon.

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