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Madonna Tribute
Sunday, May 30
3 Day Weekend: Memorial Day
10pm - after hours.
A Trannyshack Madonna Tribute Night!

Featuring performances by:

Holy McGrail
Mercy Fuque
Cousin Wonderlette
Vivvyanne Forevermore
Syphillis Diller
Raya Light
Charisma Glitterati

Plus DJ:

Adriana A (Bootie)

Visuals by:


Show begins at midnight!
Trannyshack continues its series of superstar tribute nights with a salute to the most famous and talked about woman in the world... Madonna! The Madonna legend is well known; armed with little more than blinding ambition and terrifying self-belief, this woman transformed herself into the cultural phenomenon who still (more than 25 years after bursting onto the scene) grabs headlines and packs stadiums. Sure, she has crafted some of the most addictive and compelling pop songs of the post-modern era, but her true genius has been her ability to reinvent herself over and over again... a brilliant show-biz chameleon. She is also, it must be noted, rather popular with "The Gays".