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Swing Goth presents
A Tim Burton Ball
Friday, February 5
7:30pm - 3am.
80s. gothic. swing.
all ages.
$16 advance;
$18 in costume;
$20 otherwise door.
Performing live:

Abney Park

With DJs:

Mz Samantha (Clockwork)
Shatter (BaGG)
Skip (New Wave City)

Dance Lessons: Polka 7:30-8:30, and Jitterbug 8:30-9:30 ($5 for both)


Brad's birthday
Abney Park comes from an era that never was, but one that we wish had been. An era where airships waged war in the skies, and corsets and cummerbunds were proper adventuring attire. They've picked up their bad musical habits, scoundrelous musicians, and anachronistically hybridized instruments from dozens of locations and eras that they have visited in their travels and thrown them into one riotous dervish of a performance. Expect clockwork guitars, belly dancers, flintlock bassists, middleastern percussion, violent violin, and Tesla powered keyboards blazing in a post-apocalyptic, swashbuckling, Steampunk musical mayhem.

Swing Goth is what happens when rock-a-billy meets goth, and is peppered with a little blues, waltzing and a healthy portion of dirty dancing... all to modern music.