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New Wave City
The Cure Tribute
Saturday, December 5
9pm - 3am.
80s Dance Party
$12 advance;
$7 < 10pm;
$12 after.
Main Room:

Skip & Shindog


Brian Raffi
Andy T

In the main room: A career-spanning tribute to The Cure in music & videos plus dancing to the rest of the best of New Wave with DJs Skip & Shindog.

In the lounge: The Darker Side of New Wave: Dancing to classic Goth & New Wave all night with Brian Raffi and Andy T.
New Wave City is the first & foremost 80s dance party, devoted to the best in alternative dance music from the New Wave era of the late 70s and early 80s. Each event features a tribute to one of the seminal acts of the period. You'll hear songs from the featured artist throughout the evening as well as the rest of the best of New Wave.

Visuals from Altered Images include vintage video, 80s movies and TV, slide shows of 80s icons, posters and club flyers from 1979-1984, and original concert photos.