Thursday, September 17
9:30pm - 3am.
industrial. ebm.
$2 < 10pm;
$5 after.
Main Room:

BaconMonkey (Meat)
Netik (Meat)
Mario Muse (Future Universal)

Lounge: Club Clockwork

Mz Samantha
Melting Girl


A gallery of dark art, featuring:
Aimee Seaver
Geoffrey Smith II
Jared Williams
John F. Ashton-Keller
Kristine Katalyst
Rebecca Yzaguirre
Rich Barton
Tanith Rohe
Tanya Regan
Trista Musco
Raven Ebner
Susan Brownlie

Visuals by:

For more than 7 years, Meat has been serving up hearty doses of heavy Industrial beats and BBQ treats. Created to be more than just another dance club, Meat aims to constantly raise the bar for creative nightlife experiences. Meat has extensive abattoir-themed decor, highly skilled DJs, costumed blood-splattered go-go dancers, video, and free fresh BBQ meat. Satisfy your primal hunger.