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Hubba Hubba Revue
Summer Camp
Friday, August 21
9pm - after hours.
burlesque. rock.
$12 advance;
$10 < 9:30pm;
$15 after.
Backpack Burlesque! Campfire Comedy! Sultry Acts of Nature!

Rockin' tunes served up hot by:

JP and the Rhythm Chasers (featuring Cari Lee)

Featuring performances by:

Bunny Pistol
Mynx d'Meanor
Kiss Me Kate
Bootsy LaRue
Sassy Hotbuns
Ariyana La Fey
Honey Lawless & Gigi d'Flower
Miss Lida Fire
Sparkly Devil
Rubenesque Burlesque
Miss Balla Fire
Alotta Boutté
Miss Mae Western
Fromagique (and the The Fromagettes)
Hubba Hubba goes to Summer Camp!

On the shimmering shores of Lake Tittihaha, nestled amongst the majestic pines of Mosquito Bite Hill, stands the rustic lodge of Camp Hubbawatha!

It's wild, burlesque romp in the woods, and it's gonna be more fun than a canoe full of showgirls!