Friday, July 24
9pm - after hours.
punk. breaks. jazz. rock. klown-fi.
Main Room:

Your hosts:
The Vau de Vire Society

Plus special guest:

Jello Biafra and the Punk Rock Circus (performing live) featuring Diamond Daggers


DJ Smoove (BotB 08 "Best DJ")
Cowboy Girl
Sisters of Honk
In this episode of Bohemian Carnival, our heroes join forces with the Jello Biafra Punk Rock Circus in support of the Students for a Democratic Society. This no-holds-barred matchup pits the complacency of the world against a harbinger of progress -- we've invited the President himself and have even trained a covert corps of klowns to provide protective services like none other.

Buyer beware! You shall experience zero remorse upon your ticket purchase, as you shall feast on a multi-course, multisensory meal of Vau de Vire Society, Gooferman, DJ Smoove, the Diamond Daggers burlesquers, the Sisters of Honk, Cowboy Girl, and a surprise musical guest, all under the watchful mouth of the evening's MC, Jello Biafra. On three: fight the powuh!