Friday, July 17
9pm - after hours.
burlesque. rock.
$12 advance;
$10 < 9:30pm;
$15 after.
Brimstone Burlesque! Infernal Comedy! Damned Fine Entertainment!

Featuring performances by:

Alotta Boutté
Honey Lawless & Gigi d'Flower
Flame Cynders
The Twilight Vixen Revue (BotB 2008: "Best Burlesque Act")
Bunny Pistol
Tit 4 Tat
Miss Balla Fire
Wiggy Darlington & Vima Burlesque
Rubenesque Burlesque
Virginia Slim
Sassy Hotbuns
Mai Tai
The Reverend Jerkimiah Thunderchrist
Coco Noir
Citty Rich
Little Miss Never
Lola Vauntz
Sparkly Devil & Lady Satan
Lady Borgia
Meka La Creme
...and featuring The Hubba Hubba Go-Go Demons!

One last chance to Repent! Get all Church'd-up with:

The Vicar of Liquor Power Hour
Damnation! Hubba Hubba goes to Hell!

Join Kingfish and Eddie as they pay for a lifetime of sin... in the fiery pits of Hell!

It's a wicked-funny burlesque romp through the Stygian Depths of the Underworld! Shake hands with the Devil and kiss your soul goodbye!