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Whore for Satan presents
Earth Crisis
Thursday, May 14
doors @ 6:30pm;
show @ 7:30pm.
all ages.
$15 advance;
$18 door.
Performing live:

Earth Crisis
First Blood
Reign Supreme
Blood Stands Still
The Syracuse NY-based quintet Earth Crisis's chugging riffs and barked declarations served as the mouthpiece of America's vegan, straight-edge movement throughout the '90s, detailing the ideas of animal and human liberation, drug-free living, and personal empowerment through hardcore song. Their vicious debut EP, Firestorm, was a landmark release for the hardcore scene that combined staccato, solo-free metal with barking, political, and militant vocals. The lyrics centered around the dangers of drug abuse and bringing "violence against violence" to drug dealers and those who would abuse animals: "a firestorm to purify."