Saturday, May 2
1:30pm - 5pm.
all ages.
Gen. Adm.: $15;
Two-Day Pass: $25.
Main Event:

King Dabada -vs- Necro Butcher


Sheik Khan Abadi -vs- Dan Danielsen in a Loser Leaves Town Match
Venis DeMarco -vs- Chicano Flame in a Hair v. Mask match

Also Featuring:

Jeckles The Jester
Dave Dutra
Matt Carlos
Los Luchas
Nikki the NY Knock Out
Babi Slymm
Late Night Prime Time
Reno Scum
"Best Body Slams: The folks at Fog City Wrestling want you to watch a luchador slam a Tom Cruise impersonator into the floor. They want you to see a Samoan take-down team (combined weight: 1,100 pounds) take on the "Reno Punks" in a swirling, convoluted drama of independent pro-wrasslin'. Sweaty, in-your-face, "maybe knock you over if you're in the front row" wrestling has come back to San Francisco after what promoters Caesar Black and Steve Armani claim has been a 30-year absence. Fog City's shows are packed with so many acts, highlights, and subplots that things get raucously confusing. With a full-size ring and professional sound and lights, it brings a high level of showmanship with a big ol' plate of athleticism on the side. Wrestlers like Rikishi, the Mexican Werewolf, and Mister Primetime pull big-show moves -- flying back flips, body slams, and pile drivers -- just like them whut you see on the tee-vee." -- SF Bay Guardian