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Hubba Hubba Revue
Viva la Revolucion
Friday, April 17
9pm - after hours.
burlesque. rock.
$12 advance;
$10 < 9:30pm;
$15 after.
Revolutionary comedy and burlesque!

Revolution Rock with:

La Plebe (performing live)

Featuring performances by:

La Cholita (Miss Viva Las Vegas, 2007)
Bunny Pistol
Lee Presson
Miss Balla Fire
Kiki Bomb
Professor Shimmy
Claire Bear
Lola Vauntz
Honey Lawless
Riff Ditties & Honeysuckle Moses
Little Miss Never
Josie Starre
Sparkly Devil
Miss Mae Western
Honey le Bang
The Twilight Vixen Revue (BotB 2008: "Best Burlesque Act")
Citty Rich
Your Little Chernobyl
Miss Glory Pearl (UK)
...and the Hubba Hubba Go-Go Senoritas!
Rise up, Brothers and Sisters! Our Burlesque Freedom-Fighters are poised to bring down the corrupt government of the proud but tiny nation of San Bananador!

Join us as our Senorita Soldaderas reveal a sexy coup d'etat during the grand celebration in honor of the vile dictator, El Presidente Juan Baptista Maximilian "Little Bobo" Kingfish, and his military strongman, Generalissimo Eduardo Fuartez!

Come for the Fiesta! Stay for the Revolution!