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The Lucky Road
Friday, January 2
9pm - after hours.
gypsy punk.
$8 advance;
$8 in themed attire;
$10 in street clothes.
Gypsy punk dance party!

Hosted by MC Kingfish of Hubba Hubba Revue

Featuring performances by:

Sister Kate
Rose Harden
Room for Cream
With very special Seattle guests:
Fuchsia Foxxx (The hot pink belly dance machine)
Sassy DeLure (Cat-eyed Hollywood glamour in heels)

Plus surprise dancers you'll have to see to believe!

Shaking the floorboards loose, our mixmaster of cirquecology:

DJ Zeljko (Kafana Balkan / Baxtalo Drom)
Luscious Performing Beauties! Hand-crafted Wares! Brass beats & Slavic soul!

Dress tight and get loose

Find bargains and mysteries in the Gypsy Bazaar, featuring Minerva's Antenna, Fati Beloved, Kathryn Summer and more.

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2016 Best of the Bay:
"Best Burlesque"

2014 Best of the Bay:
"Best Burlesque"

2013 Best of the Bay:
"Best Burlesque"

2013 Best of SF:
"Best MC"

2012 Best of the Bay:
"Best Burlesque"

2011 Best of the Bay:
"Best Burlesque"

2010 Best of SF, 7x7:
"Best Burlesque"

2009 Best of SF, Weekly:
"Best Burlesque"

2008 Best of the Bay:
"Best Variety Show"