Saturday, December 20
9pm - 3am.
rock. electro.
$10 advance;
free < 10pm;
$10 after.
Main Room:

Bulimiatron (Mad City, LA)
Omar (Popscene / Full Frontal)
Mario Muse (Super Ego)
Kidhack (Super Ego)


Nicky B (Gemini Disco)
Derrick Love (Gemini Disco)
Le Dinosaur (Gemini Disco)
Every month, Super Ego features fashion shows, live bands, and big name djs spinning the newest electronic dance music! Come early for the fashion. Rock out to the sexy bands. Stay for the dirty dancing.

"Back Door Heroes is comprised of San Francisco's most irreverent scenesters: Zazueta (Paradise Boys, Fancy Footwork), College Boy (Fancy Footwork), and Florie M (Your Mom's bed). Their general disinterest and disrespect for standards of decency and sheer enjoyment in mocking what is cool, somehow, culminates into a working band with an identity of it's own. Yeah, and the music is pretty good. So don't miss out."