Saturday, October 18
9pm - 3am.
rock. electro.
$10 advance;
free < 9:30pm;
$10 after.
Main Room:

Patricia Furpurse (Club Neon, Portland)
Tre Slim (Club Neon, Portland)
Kidhack (Super Ego)
Mario Muse (Super Ego)


Mykill (French Kiss)
Forever 21 (French Kiss)
Eli Glad (French Kiss)

Fashion show at 10pm by:


Performing live at 11pm:

Buddy Akai
Every month, Super Ego features fashion shows, live bands, and big name djs spinning the newest electronic dance music! Come early for the fashion. Rock out to the sexy bands. Stay for the dirty dancing.

Buddy Akai has been making the high heeled, converse stomping, electro popping kiddies dance to their rocking beats since 2005. Their sound can be described as a mix of indie, electro and rock. Their mix of samples, sequences, arpegiated synths and processed vocals holds both a dance and rock influence. Their show is a must see, an electrifying and energetic experience.

"Mix the sweet bass lines of Moving Units, add some of Faint inspired electro, and take a 80s inspired vocals, and you have BUDDY AKAI. They are one of the best live bands I have seen in a long time." --