Friday, June 20
Summer Solstice
9pm - after hours.
burlesque. rock.
$12 advance;
$10 < 9:30pm;
$15 after.
Hail Citizens! It's time for Greco-Roman Burlesque! Olympian Comedy! The Wonders of the Ancient World!

Full throttle Roman Rock & Roll:

Three Bad Jacks (performing live)

Featuring performances by:

The Twilight Vixen Revue
Flame Cynders
Tit 4 Tat
Siren Sapphire
Penny Lux
Ariyana La Fey
Sparkly Devil
Citty Rich
Honey le Bang
Riff Ditties
Chi Chis del Fuego
Kiss Me Kate
Gretl von Boom-Boom
EmpeROAR Fabulous
Odessa Lil
The Indra
Tricksie Treat
The Flying Fox
Deshret Dance Company
Lola Love
Gorilla Ten
...and The Kingfish & Eddie Dancers!
Join Kingus-Fishus and Eddipus Rex, as they take you on an eye-poppin', heart-stoppin', Greco-Roman Holiday guaranteed to stiffen your short-sword!

Throw your average, hum-drum Friday night to the Lions! You don't need the Oracle at Delphi to tell you History weren't never like this!!

Help spread the word throughout The Empire, Citizen!

Free dance lessons upstairs, 9:30-10pm by Brian from Swing Goth!

Oh, and hey! Look'ee here: How To Make a Toga!