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Thrill Kill Kult
Sunday, June 1
9pm - 2am.
Performing Live:

Thrill Kill Kult
DJ? Acucrack

DJ Decay (Death Guild)
In late 1987, artist/performer Groovie Mann and musician Buzz McCoy met one night in a dark and seedy Chicago bar. Discovering their common love for tabloid newspaper tales of sex and Satan, kitschy horror flicks, and trashy exploitation films, and boys started conjuring up the plot for their own B movie to be called My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. Yet without much experience and limited access to video equipment, the duo scratched their dreams of celluloid, but decided to transmute the project's accompanying soundtrack into a live band scenario. To accompany their vision, they also formed a trio of bodacious and sultry back-up singers/dancers known collectively as The Bomb Gang Girlz, and later that year the group hit the road!

In continuation of their 20th Anniversary celebration, this show will be reminiscent of the infamous "1989 Inferno Xpress Tour". It will feature many songs from the Wax Trax years: including hits like "Kooler Than Jesus", "A Daisy Chain 4 Satan", "The Days Of Swine & Roses", "The Devil Does Drugs", and, of course "Cuz It's Hot"!