Friday, May 30
9pm - after hours.
breaks. rock. klown-fi.
Your Hosts:

Vau de Vire Society (sexy stylie subculture circus)

With Special Guests:

Extra Action Marching Band (performing live)
Blaze (Portland's poledancer/contortionist extraordinaire)
Fou Fou Ha! (kaleidoscopic cartoon dance)
Cowboy Girl (sharpshooterama)

Plus DJs:

Smoove (NewsBreakz / Bohemian Carnival)
Tamo (Angels of Bass)
Coop & Audilew (Xenodrome / Bohemian Carnival)

Costume Theme: Circus Military Couture!
A raucous, saucy indie circus orgy of the lustiest caliber! Titillating circus acts, tantilizing live bands & djs!

Ain't no better way to welcome back SF's original indie circus extravaganza than with an homage to a true SF original... Extra Action Marching Band in it's full glory. "Powerful and empowering, the Extra Action Marching Band seduces the pre-civilized will. They are immediate and visceral -- more of a sweaty invitation than a show. They are a parody of idioms with shattering volume -- guerrilla theater with the rug rolled up. As the sound boils into a spinning crossfire, sweat and flying hair tangle in a delicious knot. Audience and band submit together, to each other, to the whim and fancy, to satisfaction. Irresistible."

...and to add to the debauched goodness, BC welcomes our good pals and beautiful buffoons Fou Fou Ha!, the shoot'em-up circus stylings of Cowboy Girl and the SF debut of pole-dancing phenom from Portland, Blaze. For your booty-shakin' pleasures, resident DJs Coop & Audilew share the tables with frequent resident Smoove and BC virgin Tamo. And of course your hosts Gooferman and the whole Vau de Vire Society family on hand to titillate your fancy and lead you down a path of irreversible bliss... Spectators beware, this here's an interactive affair!

Plus our all-new FotoExpo, featuring the inimitable (and purchasable) work of the Bohemian Carnival photographer pool.