Saturday, May 17
9pm - after hours.
rock. new wave.
$10 advance;
$5 < 10pm;
$10 after.
Main Room:

Mario Muse (Lacquer)
BaconMonkey (Meat)
Six (Club Bender)
Starr (BaGG)


Aaron Axelsen & Omar (Popscene)

Performing live at 11pm: (or not)

The Frail

Hosted by:

Michael Sparkle
The Frail: "Hypnotic synths, breathy and falsetto vocals, crisp drums and pulsating bass pierce through the fox to create both a wistful soundscape like that of The Postal Service and a heavier, more volatile design like that of The Faint." --Performer Magazine

Pop Roxx combines the best flavors of SF nightlife. Rotating top DJs from the City's most popular dance parties, Pop Roxx keeps the energy high with an eclectic mix of indie, new wave, rock, and electronic dance tunes. The party presents industry breaking buzz bands hot on the cusp of infamy. Add to the mix the Popscene Lounge, industrial-grade go-go dancers and VIP bottle service, and Pop Roxx serves up a world class nightlife and dance floor experience.