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Evil Breaks & False Profit present
Friday, February 22
10pm - 4am.
$10 advance;
$10 < 11pm;
$15 after.
Main Room:

Diverted (Diverted Traffic, UK)
AMB (Chi-Recordings, UK)
Carbon Community (Sober Music, SF)
Aaron Jae (Evil Breaks / Space Cowboys)
Bam (Evil Breaks)
M.O.D. (Evil Breaks)


Dr. Toast (False Profit)
Alxndr (False Profit / Downlow)
Obi-J (False Profit)
DJJD (False Profit)
AMB was responsible for one of the most remarkable breakbeat tracks of 2002, Romeo, which obtained second place on Breakspoll, The International Breakbeat Awards. He has played in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary alongside The Chemical Brothers, Adam Freeland, Hybrid, Chris Carter, Elite Force, General Midi, and a whole lot more.

Diverted are Stephen Baxter and Lee Richardson. They have produced a string of well received releases on Sokolov Sounds, TCR and AIR which helped them find their grounding in the breaks scene. This has also spurred the guys on to creating their album which is being put together hand-in-hand with an exciting live show involving vocalists, live instruments from the guys themselves and contributions from other DJs and artists.