Saturday, September 29
9pm - after hours.
breaks. rock. klown-fi.

The Mutaytor


Motion Potion (Fringe SF)
An-Ten-Nae (Eyephunk / Fuel)
Coop & Audilew (Xenodrome)
Laura (El Circo)
Ana Sia (Glitch Mob)
Tim Dietz (Fringe)
Big Dolla (Fringe)

Burlesque & Circus Performances:

Vau de Vire Society
Fou Fou Ha!
To honor the beautiful freak within us all, Vau de Vire Society and Gooferman invite you to celebrate the 1-year Anniversary of the most bad ass indie circus orgy in the country... Bohemian Carnival. And to celebrate in grand style we'll join forces with Sunset Promotions and An-ten-nae in hosting none other than THE MUTAYTOR!

THE MUTAYTOR is part hip-grinding techno-retro-funk, part audience-interactive post-modern circus. The act takes elements of Parliament-Funkadelic, the Crystal Method, Underworld, and Blue Man Group and throws them directly at the audience as riotous surreal entertainment. With tons of fresh material and an emphasis on instrumental prowess (with 2 guitars, keys and bass joining the huge drum-line), their sound is tight, the show manic, the vibe all-inclusively friendly. There's nothing like a Mutaytor show; they are on stage, above the audience, IN the crowd. With their sonic redesign, recently showcased at their home in Black Rock City, it's clear that The Mutaytor is a force to be reckoned with.