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Pop Roxx
The Start
Saturday, June 23
9pm - after hours.
rock. new wave. mashups.
$10 advance;
$5 < 10pm;
$10 after.
Main Room:

Fletcher (ID)
Damon (1984)
Julian Destrukt (Tokyo Electric)
Tomas Diablo (Strangelove)

Performing live at midnight:

The Start


A Plus D (Bootie)

Hosted by:

Michael Sparkle
Pop Roxx combines the best flavors of SF nightlife. Rotating top DJs from the City's most popular dance parties, Pop Roxx keeps the energy high with an eclectic mix of indie, new wave, rock, and electronic dance tunes. The party presents industry breaking buzz bands hot on the cusp of infamy. Add to the mix the world famous Bootie Mash-Up Lounge, industrial-grade go-go dancers and VIP bottle service, and Pop Roxx serves up a world class nightlife and dance floor experience.

In a perfect world, the LA quartet The Start, fronted by feisty former Human Waste Project Chanteuse Aimee Echo would be massive, and the reason is is this: they've got gargantuan fists-in the-air sing-alongs, they've got the grooves, the beats, the riffs, and the melodies, but most of all, they have the perfect frontwoman who you can't help falling in love with.