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Blackmail presents
See Colin Slash
Sunday, May 20
8pm - 2am.
industrial. folk.
$10 advance;
$13 door;
$12 with moustache.
Performing live:

See Colin Slash -- all-acoustic reunion
The Gothsicles

With DJs:

Verablue (Blackmail)
Intoner (Blackmail)
We won't lie to you about this -- May 20th will be the greatest day of your life. Immediately prior to watching three completely ridiculous acts combining comedy with industrial music, you will meet the love of your life (whoever you think that is now, you are SO wrong), win the Lottery in 12 different states, give birth, and have a truly amazing sandwich. Then you'll go out and celebrate at DNA Lounge by watching the Gothsicles' Nintendo-tronic melange of accordion-infused electronic dorkiness, being bombarded by Caustic's punk-rock-powernoise-meets-gay-porn freakshow, and then you'll bring it down a notch while See Colin Slash destroys your favorite industrial music dance hits to the soft sounds of smooth voices and inappropriately soulful acoustic guitar.