Saturday, May 12
9pm - after hours.
2-for-1 < 10:30pm.
Main Room:

World Premiere of
DJ WiiJ (DJ set using hacked Nintendo Wiimote controllers!)
Starring The Silence Xperiment:
DJ !
DJ Funktified
A Plus D (Bootie)
Party Ben (Bootie / Live 105)

Smash-Up Derby "Unplugged" (performing live at 10:30pm)


Motion Potion (Fringe SF)
Big Dolla (Fringe SF)
Tim Dietz (Fringe SF)

Midnight mashup show by:


Free mash-up CDs to the first 50 people through the door!
Launched in 2003, Bootie was the first club night in the United States dedicated solely to the burgeoning artform of the bootleg mashup - and is now the biggest mashup event in the world. Mixing and matching every conceivable musical genre, era, and style into one big dance party where everyone feels welcome, Bootie provides the soundtrack for the A.D.D. generation - with free mashup CDs given away like candy!

This month: the world premiere of DJ WiiJ, a live DJ set using hacked Nintendo Wiimote controllers -- starring DJ ! on the Wii and DJ Funktified mixing live video, performing on stage as The Silence Xperiment. Upstairs: DJs Motion Potion, Big Dolla, and Tim Dietz, from The Fringe, known for their unique ability to play out the entire spectrum of music with their mashed-up genre bending sets. They regularly bust out the freakish talents to rock a mixed house of indie rockheads, break-dancers, jam banders, and freaky underground clubbers at the same time.

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