Saturday, November 11
Veterans Day
9pm - after hours.
2-for-1 < 10:30pm.
Main Room:

Eric Kleptone (The Kleptones)
Smash-Up Derby (performing live at 11pm)
A Plus D (Bootie)
Party Ben (Bootie / Live 105)
Dada (Bootie)


Phil n' Dog (Bastard, UK)
Instamatic (Bastard, UK)
Ian Fondue (Bastard, UK)
Juxtaposeur (Bastard, UK)
Supercollider (Bastard, UK)
The Overhope Organisation (Bastard, UK)

Pirate Hat Fashion show:

The Indra

Official "Be The Riottt" after party: 2-for-1 entry with stub.

Free mash-up CDs to the first 50 people through the door!