Friday, July 7
9:30pm - 3am.
industrial. gothic. ebm.
free < 10pm;
$6 after.
Main Room:

Decay (Death Guild)
BaconMonkey (Meat)
Joe Radio (Death Guild)
Melting Girl (Death Guild / 1984)
Mitch (Meat / Death Guild)
Netik (Meat)
Ritter Gluck (Spire / Infinite Kaos)


Fletcher (Swindle / ID)
Shaun Slaughter (ID)

Bait-and-tackle show by Samar. Ticket giveaways for the PIG show. Free Meat!
Meat represents more than five years of stompy dance music and tasty BBQ. Death Guild is one of the longest running goth/industrial clubs in the world, clocking in at more than fourteen years. They battle it out in an abattoir-themed environment with costumed blood-splattered go-go dancers, video, and free fresh BBQ meat. Regardless of who prevails in the battle, the dancefloor always wins!