Thursday, February 26
9pm - 3am.
electro. techno. drum+bass.
free < 10pm;
$5 after.
Main Room:

Chachi Jones (Command Collective / Robot Speak / Lunatic Works)
Dusty Brown (XTORT)
Tycho (ISO50)
Shank (:CODE / Cloud Factory / Epiphany)
Faster Faster (Command Collective)
Fruitbat (Command Collective / Hysterisis Loop -- live PA)


Amber (:CODE / Sister SF / Just Say Agency)
Samira (Sister SF / Just Say Agency)
Melyss (Sister SF / Mayonnaise)
Queen Agnes B (Sister SF)

With the award-winning visual stylings of:


Another episode of :CODEtv will be taped this night!