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Castle Spectacular!
Saturday, November 1
Halloween (is every day)
9pm - 4am.
gothic. industrial. eeeevil.
$15 spoooooky dollars! $13 advance.
Live & Undead, On Stage! In it's 99th Glorious Year!

CASTLE SPECTACULAR: Transylvanian Vaudeville & Monsterous Musical Revue!

Thrilling! Bitzy Stakeaart and the Broads of Dracula!
Uncover! The Tomb of Nefertiti!
Run! Grrlzilla!
Abominating! Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory!
Unearth! Prince Kong and the Royal Gravediggers!
Guard! The Zombie Derby!
And! Other Attractions!

Main Room DJs:

Sage (Dark Sparkle)
Miz Margo (Dark Sparkle)
Doug (Slick)

Lounge DJs:

Decay (Affliction / Death Guild)
Reverend Slick (She Said)